Offering an array of spacious condominium choices, our 5 beautifully manicured neighborhoods, called INC and numbered from 1 thru 5, are set in a lush, tropical surrounding. They are comprised of ninety-three buildings edging a nine-hole golf course with tranquil views of greenery, lakes and picturesque bridges. 
In addition to the Main Clubhouse and Pool, each INC enjoys the extra amenity of a Satellite Pool and a Satellite Clubhouse, offering a more intimate setting.  The Satellite Clubhouse may be rented for a nominal fee for special celebrations by its residents. 
Perhaps the secret to this well-maintained community lies in the independent Board of Directors of each INC.  and the Rec Board of Directors, which is comprised of 2 Board members from each INC.
Each Board of Directors meet monthly from September thru April.  During these meetings, participation by the residents is encouraged and welcome.  Topics such as beautification, budgets, expenses, suggestions, planning etc. are discussed and voted upon. 
Below you can access information on the Rec Board or INC you are interested in by simply clicking on the picture. 
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