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Larry Sailer, Rec.Board President -June2019
Posted on Jun 11th, 2019

The end of the season is upon us. 
We have bid farewell to our snowbird friends and wish them a happy healthy summer season.
We are already preparing for the fall/winter events. Keep an eye out for news on our New Year’s Eve celebration as an exciting party and new menu is planned, along with great entertainment!
And for those residents who reside all year long here at SLP3, we have some exciting events planned for the Fourth of July and Labor Day Celebrations.  Cabarets will continue twice a month through the summer and many popular movies have been selected for Tuesdays. 
All Inc.’s and Rec Board have agreed to suspend the monthly meetings and will resume back in September 2019.
Stay well, be happy, and enjoy your summer. 
Larry Sailer
Sunrise Lakes Rec President
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