Due to Covid-19 and with safety in mind, all Board Meetings will be held in the Galaxy Room.  The sitting will be properly spaced and there will be a capacity limit of 150 persons.  All attendees are required to wear a mask and their temperature will be taken at the entrance.  Thank you for your compliance.
Dear Residents of SLP3:
2020 has proven to be a year with many challenges!!   Life as we know has changed dramatically, and we all wait anxiously for life to get back to normal. It may never be the normal as we know it, but hopefully with time, lots of patience, social activities and  a more normal life will resume. 
Our Recreation Board, along with our property manager, management staff and security team are all keeping a watchful eye on the community and what directives come from our city and state offices. We are all making sacrifices to ensure we all stay well and appreciate your compliance with all of these new guidelines!
While the opportunity allowed, the Galaxy Room got a new look.  And while shows and Bingo will not take place until after the 1st of the New Year, we are making plans now to hold Inc. related Board Meetings and Captain’s Meetings.  Seating will be properly spaced and temperatures of all those attending will be taken.  All meetings will be for Unit Owners only. 
In addition to our web site, we will continue to communicate with our residents through our in-house ABB channel 590 and have added a quarterly newsletter.  The Laker will be a bi-monthly publication and will be used as a means to communicate with our residents as well. 
Please wear your mask and practice social distancing!  Stay well!!!!
Larry Sailer
Your President